50% off social media and search training courses for Bath business

City of BathIn celebration of the summer The Levels are offering all of our neighbours here in the city of Bath  50% off all social media and search training courses booked in August.

A summary of the courses included in this offer is listed below, but we try and make sure every training course we deliver is tailored exactly to your needs (no sausage factory here!) so get in contact and we can discuss what will suit you best.

  1. An introduction to social media.  Getting up and running on Facebook and Twitter and making it pay for you. (1 Day course. Cost £500)
  2. The role of social media in your organisation.  An advanced course for businesses already using social media channels but wanting to better unite their on and offline activity and harmonise social media activity. (1Day course. Cost £750)
  3. An introduction to search engine marketing. How to use search engines to boost traffic and sales to your website and business.     (1 Day course.  Cost £500)
  4. How to write for search. A half day course that teaches you how to write content for your website that is super search friendly and will attract the maximum number of new customers to your website and business.  (1/2 day course. Cost £300)

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